spoke with Tommy in March, 2001. Here is what he had to say.

SportsLine: When did you first begin to feel like you had a shot at a pro career?

Tommy Robredo: When I won my first point in Madrid (his first satellite tournament). That's the first moment you always remember.

SportsLine: How do you think your game measures up against your peers'?

Tommy Robredo: There are a lot of great players my age. It's only important to play my best tennis.

SportsLine: What are your goals for 2001?

Tommy Robredo: When I started the year I said if I finish in the top 70 in the ATP (rankings) it would be great.

SportsLine: What has been your high point so far?

Tommy Robredo: Two years ago, when I beat Safin and Sanguinetti in Barcelona, was great. And this year, making the semifinals in Chennai.

SportsLine: What types of adjustments have you needed to make now that your competition has gotten tougher?

Tommy Robredo: You must have continuity to your game.

SportsLine: What is the strongest part of your game?

Tommy Robredo: Everybody says my forehand. Also, I fight a lot for points.

SportsLine: What is the best thing about being a tennis player?

Tommy Robredo: Our life is a good life. We know a lot of people, we travel a lot to nice countries ... that's good for us.

SportsLine: Who was your idol growing up?

Tommy Robredo: I like different parts of different players. I like to watch Sampras serve and Agassi return.

SportsLine: Is there someone you most look forward to playing?

Tommy Robredo: No, I just want to play against good players. It would be nice to say I lost to Sampras on grass. If I won it would be great!

SportsLine: What are your career goals?

Tommy Robredo: I want to be the best that I can. If that's No. 5, No. 5; No. 1, No. 1. But, I would really like to win Roland Garros.

SportsLine: Does the prospect of facing any particular players intimidate you at this point?

Tommy Robredo: Normally I never have problems with my nerves.

SportsLine: What are some of the sacrifices you have had to make because of the demands of your schedule?

Tommy Robredo: It's diificult to stay away from your home, but if you play good it's worth it. That's what you need to do to be a great player. When you win a lot, you stay away from home.

SportsLine: What would you like to pursue after you retire?

Tommy Robredo: I would like to make a good life, to be happy and stay with my family ... enjoy life.